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My name is Manzar. I’m a UK-based children’s illustrator and producer with more than ten years of experience. I studied illustration and children’s psychology and love to make imaginary worlds for children with my illustration and story-telling skills. 

I always care about what children would love to see and want to make them explore and learn and try to empower them by the magic of stories and illustrations!

I believe if we want the world to be a better place, we should ask children to build it. I pay attention to WHAT and HOW they would learn, which I think is what makes me a detail-oriented children’s illustrator. 

So, if you would like to make a change in children’s future, let’s do it together!




Professional info

A senior illustrator and 2D artist with more than ten years of experience creating creative artworks for different media with various styles and techniques. I studied illustration at university and always loved to learn more and try new styles and techniques. Designed books, games and characters for children and personalised them based on the audience preferences and the company’s style. Led design team and communicated with other parts of companies like marketing and product.


  • Children-book illustration

  • Storytelling

  • 2D or 3D Character design

  • Digital painting

  • Game design

  • Background design

Work experience

Sammy Satsuma, London.   ​                                                          2020 - present

Senior illustrator

Personalised books for children about good nutrition and healthy eating

  • Designed a recipe book containing 25 different healthy food recipes for children and parents.

  • Built 24 new and memorable characters for Sammy's books based on defined characteristics and descriptions

  • Defined and designed Sammy’s social media graphics and optimised the book’s content for Instagram and Facebook.

  • Delivered 3 personalised books in less than 4 months with a very detailed style.


  • Adobe photoshop

  • Adobe illustrator

  • Adobe indesign

  • Blender

  • Cinema 4D

Freelance Illustrator, USA (Remote)                                                                        

  • Illustrated “All My Teammates and Me” book, which is about diversity, teamwork, bravery, and embracing, and It’s a five-star book on Amazon.

  • Designed and illustrated a book about positive affirmations for kids called “Little Louise & Her Big Dreams.”

  • Designed and illustrated a book about being brave for kids called “Marley and Halle save Nelly cake. ”

Kochiba, London 

Co-founder, Illustrator                                                                                             

Mobile app educational game for kids

Software development company

  • Designed a mobile game from scratch and implement 90 different levels.

  • Led designer and animator to implement the graphics and motions of the game.

  • Designed 12 characters based on 3-7 years old kid’s psychological persona to create more engaging experience.

  • Competitors benchmarking and reviewed all other players in the market and designed unique value for Kochiba.

  • Created storyboard for in-app and social media animations.

  • Got feedback from children about the game and improved the experience accordingly.

Dastane man, Tehran                                                                                

Product designer and Illustrator

Personalised story book for kids |

  • Ideated and designed new books with a focus on empowering kids, which sold more than 13,000 copies.

  • Created personalised book experience with designing different combinations of kid’s facial parts, so the kid feels more connected with the book and story.

  • Designed personalised handicraft to boost parent and kid collaboration and help them to connect and play.

  • Managed time and money budget to optimise the product development process and product quality


Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration Farhang-o-Honar University, Mashhad, Iran

2010 - present
2010 - present
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