My name is Manzar. I’m a UK-based children’s illustrator and producer, with more than ten years of experience. I studied illustration and children’s psychology, and love to make imaginary worlds for children with my illustration and story-telling skills. 

I always care about what children would love to see, and want to make them explore and learn, and try to empower by the magic of stories and illustrations!

I believe if we want the world to be a better place, we should ask children to build it. I pay attention to WHAT and HOW they would learn, which I think is what makes me a detail-oriented children’s illustrator. 

So, if you would like to make a change in children’s future, let’s do it together!


E-mail: Sezavar.designer@gmail.com

Professional info

I am a detail-oriented designer with more than ten years of experience in illustration, both print and digital media, from books to animation and mobile games. I have generated original ideas and have brought them into life as products. I have led the team, ensured the quality and details of the products.


  • Children-book illustration

  • Storytelling

  • 2D or 3D Character design

  • Digital painting

  • Game design

  • Background design

Work experience

Game designer, 2D artist at Kochiba

​2019 - present

Unity-based educational game for stimulating emotional intelligence for kids, an Iranian equivalent to Sagomini

  • Designed a mobile game from scratch, Ideation to illustration containing 90 levels.

  • Led the game design and development team to launch the game.

  • Designed 12 character based on 3-7 years old kids psychological persona to create a more engaging experience.

  • Competitors benchmarking and reviewed all other players in the market and designed unique value for Kochiba. 

  • Created storyboard for in-app and social media videos and animations.


  • Adobe photoshop

  • Adobe illustrator

  • Adobe indesign

  • Blender

  • Cinema 4D

Product designer and illustrator at Dastane man

​2017 - 2019

Personalised storybook for kids Iranian equivalent to Wonderbly | www.dastaneman.com

  • Ideated and designed new books focusing on empowering kids with their personal stories which sold more than 13,000 copies.

  • Created a completely personalised book experience by designing a different combination of kid’s facial parts, so the kid felt more connected with the book and story.

  • Designed personalised handicraft to boost parent and kid collaboration which actively designed to connect and, involve and play.

  • Managed time and budget to optimize the product development process

  • Secured product quality

  • Examples of my work: Love book | Birthday book | Yalda book

2010 - present

Product designer and illustration lead at Ashena

​2016 - 2017

Software development company

  • Designed an experience for kid tablet which was an all-in-one app for different needs such as game, education and entertainment.

  • Led a team of designers and illustrators to design and illustrate game and application visuals.


Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration Farhang-o-Honar University, Mashhad, Iran

2010 - present